In a scorched world where the sun can kill in minutes, nineteen-year-old Dustin scours the treacherous desert for water sources. Armed with the ancient water map he inherited from his grandfather, he seeks entry into the elusive Brotherhood of Waterfinders, an enigmatic group he believes holds the key to his missing brother’s whereabouts.

When he rescues Olivia, a mysterious ocean city girl, from a vicious group of bandits, he finds his water map stolen. Olivia offers her help to get it back, but Dustin suspects there is more to her than she lets on. Why would an ocean city girl venture so far into the desert, selling pendulums and dowsing rods? Is she a secret servant of the Brotherhood, or maybe even a water dowser herself?

In this gripping tale of survival, secrets, and the pursuit of hope, Dustin realizes that retrieving his water map is just the beginning of a much larger battle—one that will shape the destiny of their scorched world.

Can he save his brother, recover his water map and unravel Olivia’s mysteries in time?

Spellbound Masquerade

Spellbound Masquerade

In the forgotten magical city of Moonhaven a grand masquerade ball is held every century on Halloween night. Young witch Elara receives an invitation from an unknown sender. Intrigued, she attends the ball only to discover that a forbidden spell has been cast, trapping all the attendees in their costumes.

To reverse the spell, Elara must navigate the labyrinth in the palace, solve riddles and face her deepest fears. All before the clock strikes midnight and the witching hour begins. When she meets Cassius, a human boy, she must decide if she can trust him enough to defeat the evil spellcaster.

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The Wishing Tree

In the forgotten magical city of Moonhaven, an ancient Wishing Tree is said to grant one heartfelt wish to any witch who places a special ornament on its branches on Christmas Eve. Liliana, an ambitious and driven witch, sets out to find the rarest and most powerful ornament rumored to hold the key to unlocking the tree’s true magic.

She visits the Timeless Christmas shop, a small enchanting shop that only appears during the holiday season, only to bump into Thorian, her academic opponent. Can she set aside their past and make an unexpected alliance to overcome the challenges they face to learn the true meaning of wishes?

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Magical Matchmaker

Magical Matchmaker

In the forgotten magical city of Moonhaven, Madame Seraphina, the town’s most renowned magical matchmaker, is known for her uncanny ability to pair witches and wizards with their perfect matches. As the Valentine period approaches, Celeste, a floral shop owner, finds herself on the receiving end of an elegantly adorned envelope, an invitation to Madame Seraphina’s exclusive Valentine’s Day matchmaking event.

Celeste attends the event held in a hidden secret garden filled with enchanted roses that each carry a unique curse or blessing. Among the flickering fairy lights and the fragrance of otherworldly flowers, attendees meet their mysterious blind date, a fellow witch or wizard whose identity is concealed by a glamour.

As the night unfolds, Celeste discovers that her date harbors a secret agenda beyond the search for love. After exchanging one of the magical roses, a forbidden love starts blooming. Celeste will have to find out if her rose was blessed or cursed.

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