Cover reveal Sunstruck (YA Fantasy)

What do you think of the cover for Sunstruck? I just love it! Thank you for the beautiful design by!

In a scorched world where the sun can kill in minutes, nineteen-year-old Dustin hunts for water sources in the desert by using the old water map he inherited from his grandfather. It is the only way he hopes to gain access to the secret Brotherhood of Waterfinders, who have kidnapped his brother three years ago.

During one of his dwellings through the desert, Dustin rescues Olivia, an ocean city girl, from a group of bandits, only to have his water map stolen from him. Olivia offers her help to get it back, but Dustin suspects there is more to her than she lets on. Why would a girl from an ocean city venture so far into the desert, selling pendulums and dowsing rods? Could she be a secret servant of the Brotherhood, or maybe even a water dowser herself?

There’s one way to find out, and Dustin really needs his water map back.

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