February Writing Journey Wrap-Up

At the beginning of the year, I set some monthly goals for myself. To document my journey and hold myself accountable, I’ll share how I spent my time with you. My February wrap-up:

✔ Write a Reader Magnet

At the start of February, I got in some great writing days. The Reader Magnet came out at 7800 words, which is longer than expected. It still needs editing though, so it might get trimmed down.

✔ Decide on a cover designer

I researched and investigated so many cover designers, but I finally decided on one. I’m getting ready to begin the process in March.

✔ Plot book 2

The second half of February I wanted to keep my eyes off the Reader Magnet, so I started plotting book 2. It’s still in the early stages, but it’s got me so excited! I love plotting!

✔ Edit book 1

This one was not on my February goals list, but I got my developmental edits back from my editor during the last days of February and I dove right into them. I’m so ready to get this story polished and published.

Still on my to do list and moved to March or later:

  • Edit my reader magnet. After self-editing, I will need to decide if I send it to beta readers and my editor or not.
  • Set up a Facebook account.
  • Find a copy/line editor and proofreader.

My major March goal is editing book 1. Later this month, I’ll share some details about my story.

🖋 Melissa 🖋

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