May Writing Journey Wrap-up

May writing journey wrap-up

At the beginning of the year, I set some monthly goals for myself. To document my journey and hold myself accountable, I’ll share how I spent my time with you. My May wrap-up:

✔ Prepared for the Sunstruck release on June 9th.
I decided on a release date for the Sunstruck ebook: June 9th. Read all about it here: Sunstruck Release Date: June 9th! – Melissa Bellis

✔ Plot book 2
Nothing done here :-(. I got to wrapped up in publication prep.

✔ Proofreading
I found a proofreader to work with. During the last week of May, I got back my proofreads and spent all my evenings working through them.

✔ KDP and Amazon ads
I set up my KDP account and read up on Amazon ads.

✔ Reader Magnet
I set up the distribution of my Reader Magnet via Storyorigins. Highly recommended!

Still on my to do list and moved to June or later:

  • Set up bookfunnel to distribute my bonus chapters.
  • Set up KDP and prepare for my booklaunch.
  • I contacted proofreaders for my next stage in publishing. May will be all about proofreading.

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🖋 Melissa 🖋

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