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Which platforms to choose as an indie YA author?

I started thinking about social media during my first afternoon walk in the new year (first sun!). Which platforms should a new indie YA author be active on? The list is endless: you should have a website, newsletter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter, … and it keeps going. But how do you choose?

In February, my manuscript will be with my developmental editor, and I decided to set up my social media accounts. Creating a couple of accounts: not a big deal, right? As if!

Creating a WordPress website didn’t prove as simple as advertised. Integration with Mailerlite for a Newsletter? Easy, unless you have a free account. Instagram went fine, till they accidentally blocked my account by mistake. With Twitter already active for years, Facebook on my to-do list, and, TikTok postponed indefinitely, I could finally relax…

… but realized, I still needed to post! Blog, newsletter, Twitter, Instagram, … Different content for each medium? This is taking too much time, and I have none left to write my stories. And I should use my extra time to look for a cover designer first.

My solution? I’ll focus on one channel and integrate it into my other platforms. Back to set-ups for integration it is. What is my preferred channel? I’m not sure yet. I think Instagram has my preference, but I can’t seem to resist writing something on this little blog too. In the end, I’ll feel where I’m most comfortable and that’s where you’ll find me!

Until then, see you on my blog, or Instagram, or Twitter, or Facebook (soon)! By the way, I got 1240 words down on my recent novel today.


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