Summer Writing Journey Wrap-up

Sunstruck sunflowers

At the beginning of the year, I set some monthly goals for myself. To document my journey and hold myself accountable, I’ll share how I spent my time with you. My summer wrap-up:

✔ Family holidays

I didn’t write for several weeks during summer, but we enjoyed a nice family holiday. It was very relaxing and inspiring!

✔ Book 2

I have been busy writing book two, the sequel to Sunstruck. It has been slow going, but I don’t want to rush things.

✔ Marketing

I’ve done some great giveaways and contests via Goodreads and Booksweeps. I’m sorry if you didn’t win. Just a reminder that you can still sign up for an ARC of Sunstruck on Booksirens: Grab an arc here!

✔ Inspiration

With summer drawing to an end, the spooky season is drawing me in. Pumpkins, witches, broomsticks and falling leaves have been visiting my mind. I’ve been writing a witchy short story, which I hope to publish this season.

✔ Audio book

Before summer I mentioned that an audiobook is still on my to do list, but I have put it on hold for the moment. The cost of producing is just too much at the moment. I’ve been looking into AI narrated audiobooks and I’m very excited, but this is still not an option at the moment, as Amazon doesn’t allow AI narration and I don’t want to pull my book from KU.

Still on my to do list and moved to September or later:

  • Write book 2
  • Write my witchy short story
  • Set up more contests and giveaways

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🖋 Melissa 🖋

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